1. All first Game scorecards are made out ready and in the appropriate boxes below the Notice Board. PLEASE USE         THEM.

2. There will be no trial ends.

3. All games must be played by the date shown. There will be no extensions allowed.

4. Both player(s) must contact each other to arrange games by the date shown. Failure to do so could result in                   elimination.

5. Players between them are responsible for booking rinks and providing markers where required.

6. Any player who is going on holiday during the dates shown must arrange their game(s) prior to the holiday or they         will be eliminated from the competition(s).

7. Members entering Club Competitions are expected to be available to play on Finals Day.

8. All score cards are to be signed by both players or pairs after the match and then placed in the slot provided beneath     the Notice Board.

9. Please fill in the result on the main sheets on the Notice Board.

10. Green Mats are to be used if instructed by the greenkeeper, in BOTH BE and EBF games.

11. Any Player(s) experiencing problems arranging any game should contact the Club Competition Secretary.

12. All Rinks must be drawn.

13. ALL 2 wood and 4 wood singles games are FIRST TO 21 SHOTS.

14. 2 wood pairs are 21 ENDS.

15. Mixed 4 wood handicap is 21 SHOTS PLUS HANDICAP.

17. Correct attire must be worn on the green.

16. County Competitions take preference over Club Competitions.