Club Rules

The Club shall be called “Sproughton Bowls Club”.


The Committee shall consist of not less than 10 member including the following Officers: President, Chairman, Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer, Head Green Keeper, Club Captain, Competition Secretary, Press Officer plus two elected Club Members. Seven members of the Committee shall form a quorum at all Committee meetings.


The Officers of the Committee shall be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the members held in the months of October or November. Sixteen members shall form a quorum at the Annual General Meeting. Sub-committees may be formed for Fund Raising, Social and Refreshments etc. and if necessary non-members may be co-opted. Any vacancy occurring amongst the Officers and Committee during the year may be filled by the Committee.


The Subscription shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting and shall be Non-Refundable. In addition, members selected to play in matches shall play a Match Fee as fixed at the AGM. Honorary Life Members will be granted free membership but shall pay the Match Fee as fixed when selected to play in matches. All subscriptions must be paid by 28 February in any year and no player will be allowed on the Green until such subscription has been paid. In addition to the Club’s Annual Subscription the Annual Subscription as laid down must be paid to the Sproughton Sports and Social Club.


Membership shall fall into the following categories: Full, Junior and Associate. Associate Members will be classed as non-playing members with no voting powers. All applications for membership and life membership must come before the Committee for approval. All prospective new members will be invited to an Informal Meeting accompanied by their proposer, such meeting to be chaired by a Senior member of the Committee plus up to two other Committee members.


Subject to green availability all members can play when they please. Guests of members may play on payment of a fixed fee per session as agreed by the Committee.


The Committee shall have the power to expel any member from the Club for conduct contrary to the spirit of the Club. The resolution for expulsion must be passed by a majority of at least two thirds of the members of the Full Committee.


Alterations to the Rules may only be made by a majority at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.


The Club Captain and Team Captains shall be responsible for selection of the Team Squads and their decision will be accepted by all members.


Correct bowling footwear and bowling attire must be worn for all matches including competition and Club Finals. Members should ensure that no litter is thrown on the Green or in the ditches.


In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the property and effects shall be realized and the proceeds passed over to the Sproughton Playing Fields Management Committee for safe keeping until such time that a future bowls club is formed.


Members who play E.B.F or B.E for any Club other than Sproughton shall not be eligible to play in the Club 2-wood or 4-wood singles respectively. The dates for playing Club competitions and the Finals will be fixed by the Committee. Entry Fees must accompany Entry Forms. Members entering Club competitions are expected to be available to play on Finals Day.