In recognition of the fact that many players have not only been involved in League games and County Competitions and that Leagues are finishing earlier this year the Competition Committee have decided to amend the “Play By” dates of the Club Competitions. This means that 1st Round games now must be played by 24 July. This date will NOT be extended so please ensure you have played your games by then.

Joy Mackie would still like to see a few more bookings (either bowling or non-bowling) for the Cromer Trip on 7 August. This is a great day out to Sherringham and Cromer, hopefully stopping for a meal on the way back. Please contact Joy for details.

Jean Hayden is also looking for a few more participants for the Isle of Wight Tour from 25 September to 3 October. This is guaranteed to be a fun week away. Please contact Jean ASAP if you are interested in joining (either bowling or non-bowling). 

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